JMC Range

JMC Range

Whether you’re looking for the perfect bakkie to whack the African bushes or cruise the city streets, JMC has a bakkie for you. Our carrying vehicles complete the range with fit-for-purpose JMC vehicles to make hauling loads and delivering easier on small businesses. The most recent addition to the JMC family, the Vigus bakkie, proves that style doesn’t need to come at the expense of power. Whatever your lifestyle, JMC has a vehicle to help you along the adventure.

JMC Boarding

JMC Carrying

JMC Boarding Double Cab 4x4 JMC Carrying 1.3 SWB
JMC offers a range of boarding vehicles including 4x4 and 4x2 models, as well as single cabs and double cabs, and petrol and diesel engines.  Mover? Plumber? Caterer? Transform the way your small business transports goods and equipment with a fit-for-purpose JMC carrying vehicle.
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JMC Vigus

JMC Vigus
Rugged, tough and powerful, the JMC Vigus can handle anything Africa can throw at it with ease while also featuring beautiful, modern design.
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JMC Pretoria North

We started operating as JMC Pretoria North in 2009, but were a car dealership and workshop since 1975. Previously known as Rainbow Motors, we carried our proud family values and traditions over when becoming JMC Pretoria North and have since become the most-trusted family-run car dealership in Pretoria North.

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