JMC Support

JMC Support

Being a well-known and respected Chinese vehicle brand, JMC offers an array of support extras to make owning a JMC motor a pleasurable experience.

JMC Warranty

To ensure our clients are at ease, JMC offers a manufacturer's warranty, as well as standard and optional service plans across the JMC Range. This includes a warrant on new vehicles against defects, defective materials and workmanship during operational use and service, and accepts the costs of such repairs, if required. We accept liability for the repair or replacement of parts that are defective.

JMC’s range of carrying vehicles, including the LWB (Long Wheel Base) and SWB (Short Wheel Base), comes standard with a 5 year/120 000km Manufacturer Warranty. The range of boarding vehicles, or bakkies, comes standard with a 3 year/100 000km Manufacturer Warranty. The JMC Vigus also comes with a 3 year/100 000km Manufacturer Warranty.

All JMC-approved parts purchased over the counter and fitted by an approved JMC dealer will carry a 1 year/20 000km warranty, whichever occurs first. This excludes parts that are still under warranty, which is covered under those conditions.

For more information on our warranties and terms & conditions that apply, contact us. It is crucial that you carefully study your Warranty and Service Manual when purchasing a vehicle from our JMC range.

JMC Assist

Upon purchasing any JMC vehicle, you automatically become a member of JMC Assist. To make use of the applicable benefits that come with this, please phone 010 211 5781 and press 2.

JMC Assist is administered by International SOS and consists of the following Assist Programmes:

Roadside Emergency Assist Programme

To ensure that JMC owners experience the ultimate peace of mind, the Roadside Emergency Assist Programme provides 24/7 access to the following:

    1. Roadside Assistance

International SOS will arrange for assistance at the roadside scene, where the cause of the problem is one of the following: *

      • A Flat tyre: SOS will arrange to have the spare tyre put onto the vehicle.
      • Flat battery: SOS will arrange to have the member's vehicle started where possible.
      • Keys locked in vehicle: SOS will dispatch a locksmith to open the vehicle and retrieve the keys, only where the keys have been locked in the vehicle.
      • Run out of fuel: SOS will arrange for fuel to be delivered to the member, but the cost of the fuel as well as the delivery will be for the member's own account.

* Note: the cost of the service provider will be for the member's own account.

The Roadside Emergency Assist Programme provides the member with the following services 24/7 and pays for them, up to the benefit limit, if the cause of the breakdown is of a more serious nature, and not due to one of the reasons listed above.

  1. Tow-in
  2. Courtesy Transport
  3. Hotel Accommodation
  4. Transmission of Urgent Messages
  5. Vehicle Recovery
  6. Storage


Loss, theft of or damage to keys, locks or gear locks.

Note: If the member's vehicle has been involved in an accident, the abovementioned services are provided, but they are for the member's account.

Medical Emergency Assist Programme

Legal Assist Programme

For more information, please contact us!

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